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#41 Sunday Cellpic – Big Dogs

Hey everyone, hope you’re having nice weekend?

For JohnBo’s Sunday Cellpic challenge this week I’ve chosen a picture of some cows that came to say hey while I was out foraging sorrel in a field near my house.

I love cows, they are just like big dogs and about as intelligent and inquisitive. I see these lovely ladies quite a lot and they usually come to say hey. On this occasion they followed me around the field for good while! I tried explaining to them that the food I had was from their own field but they still wanted some…

I’ve attached a video too this week, just because it’s quite funny – particularly the cow at the end. They definitely have a bit of attitude.If you click through to the last slide you can see the video.

Thanks for visiting,

Kaylin x


4 responses to “#41 Sunday Cellpic – Big Dogs”

  1. I love dairy cows too πŸ™‚

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    1. They’re so lovely aren’t they! This lot are some of the most friendly I’ve met, they always come over to say hey to folks πŸ™‚

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  2. What a fun outing. We don’t see many cows in our part of the state, but if we travel east to Minnesota, we can find a lot of dairy farms. I love that video! They are a lot like dogs… >grin<

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    1. It’s the cow right at the end of the video that gets me laughing, definitely some attitude!

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