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Hello folks, hope everyone is well?

Today’s photo is of my local woodland, Cove Woods. I’m not sure what it is but I find it quite hard to fully capture the beauty of the woods as I see it with my eyes. I find the picture is always a bit busy, or seems dull even, or the light isn’t *quite* right. I struggle to capture the atmosphere and feeling like I can with other subjects. But that’s all part of the challenge of photography I guess!

This photo comes close for me, though. The light seems just right and it conveys that calm, slightly dark and mysterious feeling that I love most about the woods on a damp, overcast day.

I have had a knee injury for the past few weeks (that’s what happens if you don’t warm up properly before running, apparently…). I haven’t wanted to risk crossing the increasingly broken (and barricaded) bridge or the much longer walk to the next closest bridge and potentially injuring myself more to get to the woods. As you can probably tell, I’m really missing it.

I was listening to a podcast recently that talked about all the amazing benefits to your mental health and wellbeing that being in nature gives you. It’s something I have long suspected – a walk in the woods always seems to calm my mind and bring a sense of peace and contentment. I have ADHD and there is specifically evidence showing that exposure to nature and natural environments helps people with ADHD to focus attention and manage emotions better. I certainly agree. I have felt a little bit scatterbrained these past couple of weeks, between not getting my fix of nature and also not being able to run or walk as much as I usually do. I am on the mend though so I’ll be back to normal soon hopefully!

Thanks for visiting,

Kaylin x

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  1. A bit of forest bathing always does the soul well Kaylin 🙂

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    1. ‘Forest bathing’ – I really like that!

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