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#44 Meadow

Hey folks, hope everyone is well and enjoying summer (finally!)

I absolutely love this this shot of a meadow near my house. The way the purple of the wild grass and the yellows and greens blend together among the shadows being cast by nearby trees is really pleasing to the eye, and the buttercups just add a little touch of brightness. I

have a thing for shadows and textures in images – I think the latter is because I am Autistic, and have always had a slight obsession with textures and patterns. I have lots of photos of wheat fields that are just close ups of the wheat texture…

When I lived in the city and did a lot of urban exploration of abandoned building I would take a lot of pictures of old peeling paint on walls and ceilings, or crumbling concrete walls. I know it sounds very strange and very much not interesting to other people but I love textures like that in a way that I can’t quite explain!

Anyway, hopefully this one is summery enough that it’s not too weird for others to enjoy πŸ™‚

Thanks for visiting,

Kaylin x


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