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#56 Johnbo’s Cellpic Sunday – Sunny Solway Coast

Hey again folks, hope you’re having a nice Sunday 🙂

For JohnBo’s Cellpic Sunday challenge this week I’ve chosen this photo I took with my phone while I was out trying (key word there!) to get some photos of sea birds with my DSLR (it’s a learning curve…)

I only moved to this part of Scotland a little over a year ago and this is one of my favourite local spots. I come from a coastal town and really missed being by the sea when I lived in Glasgow. It’s great to be close to it again (okay, the Solway is actually an estuary or firth, but it’s huge so feels a lot like the sea especially when the tide is in!). The mountain in the background – part of the Peak District – include England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike. I find it amusing that I can sit here in Scotland and look over to another country, England.

Thanks for visiting,

Kaylin x


One response to “#56 Johnbo’s Cellpic Sunday – Sunny Solway Coast”

  1. Thanks for sharing and joining in on the challenge, Kaylin!

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