#57 Cheeky Chaffinch

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well 🙂

I managed to snap a quick shot of this cheeky little guy before he flew off. I love chaffinches, I tend to find they’re some of the more inquisitive finches – at least they seem to hang around to see what I’m up to for longer than most other little birds that size. They do genuinely seem to have a somewhat cheeky demeanour and they often make me laugh as they bounce about tree branches trying to get a good look at me.

I can usually tell their distinctive ‘pink pink’ call out of all the other birdsong, or their ‘huit’ alarm call if they spot me first! The males have this distinctive red colour and the blueish grey head, whereas the females are a mixture of light browns. They both have the same pattern of white wing bars which makes I think makes it easy to identify the females even though they aren’t as distinctly coloured.

Thanks for visiting,

Kaylin x

3 responses to “#57 Cheeky Chaffinch”

  1. Their singing is quite agreeable too.

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  2. Fabulous photo Kaylin 🙂

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    1. Thank you! He was very willing to pose which helps 🙂

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