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#58 Jewelled Amanita

Hey folks, hope you’re having a nice day 🙂

It might be pretty but this is one mushroom you don’t want to be eating. It’s called the jewelled amanita because as it ages the cap develops little white straight-edged blisters that look like jewels. It’s not as deadly as some of it’s relatives in the amanita family, which includes the death cap and destroying angel (those names are not exaggerations, half of one mushroom is enough to kill an adult). The Jewelled Amanita is only deadly in extreme cases, but it will still make you very, very ill, with hallucinations and delirium being common as well.

Yep, pretty to look at but not for the table!

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Kaylin x

3 responses to “#58 Jewelled Amanita”

  1. A lovely colour for a deadly fungus 🙂

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    1. It’s hard to know if it’s trying to tell you it’s dangerous or trying to tempt you in!

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      1. A bit of both I reckon

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