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Hey there, I’m Kaylin – a freelance writer and photographer based in Scotland. 

I write about women’s rights, trans/LGBTQIA+ rights, disability and social issues through an intersectional anarcha-feminist lens.

I take pictures of nature. 

I hold a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy, MSc in Drug and Alcohol Studies and a BA in Sociology and Psychology. In the past I worked in welfare rights advocacy, health and social care and higher education. I’ve also done my fair share of serving pints, cleaning toilets and scrubbing dishes. 

I’m trans/queer (she/her), autistic, ADHD and struggle with anxiety and depression. Writing is one way I cope with this often brutal and infuriating world we live in. Photography is how I temporarily escape it. 

If you like my writing or my photos please consider chucking me some money via Ko-Fi

Thanks for visiting,

Kaylin x